Calpulli Mexican Dance Company



Calpulli Mexican Dance Company celebrates the rich dance traditions of Mexico’s diverse cultural history interpreted through its unique artistic vision. The fresh, vital repertoire honors Mexico’s past and Mexican-American cultural expression in the United States. Calpulli Mexican Dance Company also does business as Calpulli Danza Mexicana. From coast to coast, Calpulli Mexican Dance Company is gaining the praise of audiences and presenters alike with their dynamic performances. Calpulli is a roster artist with the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, and with Arts on Stage.

Touring availability

Year round


Dancers/Musicians/Performers:  12 dancers, 6 musicians pending repertory
Artistic/Administrative Staff: 1-2
Production/Technical: 1-3

Touring Repertory

Puebla: The Story of Cinco de Mayo

Boda Mexicana
Boda Mexicana tells the story of the union of two people through Mexican songs, dances, customs, rituals and ceremonies. Under Artistic Director, Alberto Lopez Herrera and Music Director, George Saenz, the company of 20 dancers, guest performers, and core of musicians take audiences on a voyage through regional and ethnic traditions guided by Calpulli’s unique artistic interpretation. Two lovers travel through time to Mexican towns where we experience the customs of courtship, engagement, the ceremony, and the feast that follows. However, an enchantress seeks to break the two apart. The production will feature the premiere of a commissioned work by Choreographer and Artistic Director of Dzul Dance Company, Javier Dzul. Mr. Dzul, an expert in Mayan dance both native and interpretative, will create a work as the opening sequence of Boda Mexicana based on a Mayan legend of the tree of life and a vengeful god.

Dia De los Muertos
Using both folk and classical music and dance, Calpulli Mexican Dance Company’s Dia de los Muertos explores a love story that spans the boundary between the living and the departed. A loving couple falls victim to treachery and is separated, seemingly forever. The young woman enters Mictlán- the underworld of Aztec mythology- where the mesmerizing Catrina reigns as queen.

Puebla: The story of cinco do mayo (in development, premier 2019)

Residency Activities

  • Lecture-Demonstration and Dance Performance/ Assembly Program
  • Instructional Workshop about a Traditional Mexican Dance
  • Residencies with Calpulli Mexican Dance Program
  • Lecture-Demonstrations and Workshops (as above) with Live Music
  • Customized Programs


The audience has no difficulty following the characters as their unmistakable affection grows, is brazenly challenged, and then finally triumphs.” – Queens Courier,  Boda Mexicana

“It cannot be emphasized enough how special this production is, providing an educational experience to those not fully aware of the depth and diversity of Mexican culture and dance.” – NY Examiner, Dia de los Muertos


Calpulli’s works include percussive footwear and barefooted dance.
Complete technical rider available upon request.