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Touring Project:
Dance Within Your Dance
What is the groove? How do you find it? How much weight does it hold in self-expression? In Dance Within Your Dance, Tatiana Desardouin invites you to connect with the techniques, rhythms and essence of hip-hop and house dance. This work shows how, in these communities, we develop,struggle, connect, and create our own and collective signatures. Welcome.

The Company:
Passion Fruit Dance Company is New York based company, founded and choreographed by Tatiana Desardouin, where she is using hip-hop, house dance and other street dance styles in her pieces.

Tatiana’s interest in building her own dance company started in Geneva as a result of the many dance pieces she created. Tatiana was the co-founder of Continuum: the first hip-hop dance company in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2016, she moved to New York to grow as an artist and to pursue her dream of creating a company of her own. She launched Passion Fruit Dance Company with “Dance Within Your Dance,” a new piece that she created in New York specifically for that purpose. Passion Fruit project emerged from all of Tatiana’s activities in the hip-hop and house communities of Switzerland: She opened her dance school called “CENTRE HIP-HOP”, she is part of a non-profit organization called JAIA, where they organized many events for the community such as dance camps (camp JAIA), sessions (Sweat Your House"), battles (“JAIA battle”), and parties (“les 5 sens”). Tatiana is still involved in these projects, even from the United States.

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Original production uses projection.
Complete technical rider available upon request.

Touring availability

September - July


Dancers/Performers:  3
Artistic/Administrative Staff: 1-2
Production/Technical: 1-2+

Residency Activities

Tatiana has been teaching Hip-Hop and House with passion for 13 years. Through her teaching, she realized that people weren’t just learning dance moves, but a way of life. She received countless testimonies from students and/or their parents of the positive impact that studying with her was having on their lives. Many of the students who were not seeking professional dance careers, found in dancing some elements that were helpful in their lives, their growth, their confidence, their self-esteem, their creativity, and their motivation. Tatiana has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s of Science of Education with a focus in Adult Education. She simply loves to teach and wants to use her skills to help others.

All of this led her to PASSION FRUIT Dance Company – a Street Dance Theater Company with socially engaged art projects, composed of 4 directions:

  • Street Dance Theater performances

  • Workshops

  • “PASSION FRUIT SEEDS” - A Teaching program, providing tools supporting different communities through hip-hop & house culture

  • “LES 5 SENS” - A multisensory experience within a cultural party ( an event combining different art forms that appeal to the five senses).



"It surges through the floor, up into the seats, pulses inside the walls and fills the air at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance/BAAD! - it takes hold and reverberates within the audience. The G R O O V E." -Joya Powell, A GROOVEology: Reflections on Dance

"Passion Fruit vividly push hip-hop's inherent capacity to articulate important ideas in a powerful and joyous ensemble work" - Simon Dove, Curator,Crossing the Lines Festival

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