STAYCEE PEARL dance project & Soy Sos



STAYCEE PEARL dance project (SPdp) & Soy Sos exist to interpret and mirror human condition through dance and dance-centered artistic experiences. With diverse casting and programming, SPdp & Soy Sos produces dynamic live performances layered with powerful visual and sound elements.

SPdp & Soy Sos started as an informal incubator in 2010 with its first concert PUPA. From 2010 - 2013 SPdp was resident dance company of the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater. SPdp ended this formative residency with the premiere of ...on being..., an investigation of race, gender, and personal identity in relation to conversations around Post-Black-ness. Since these early works, SPdp & Soy Sos has created several evening-length works, including ABBEY: In The Red, a collaborative sound and movement experience celebrating Jazz vocalist Abbey Lincoln and FLOWERZ, an exploration of House culture. Staycee and Herman Pearl proudly opened their dance/art/sound space, PearlArts Studios, in April of 2012. PearlArts Studios serves the dance community with affordable rehearsal and event space, residency opportunities, movement classes, and art and dance workshops.



40’x 36’ with 15’ overhead
Can accommodate smaller spaces as needed
Marley flooring
Professional quality sound mixing desk
Standard Backline for musicians pending repertory
Standard lighting with ability to create 2 - 6 separate pools
Complete tech rider is available upon request

Touring availability

September - July


Dancers/Musicians/Performers:  3-7 pending repertory
Artistic/Administrative Staff: 1-3
Production/Technical: 1-2+


Drawing from personal experiences, STAYCEE PEARL dance project (SPdp)
takes audiences through an exploration and celebration of house culture and
music in FLOWERZ.

sol. (In development)
sol. draws from the soul music of the late 50s to mid 70s to create an expres-
sive sound and movement experience steeped in the emotional, funky, rhyth-
mical qualities of the genre. Incorporating the upbeat, athletic movements and flavor of Soul with a contemporary vocabulary, SPdp dancers groove and vibe
to a rich assortment of music expertly curated, mixed, and reworked by Soy

sym. (In development)
In collaboration with acclaimed visual artist Barbara Weissberger and Musi-
cians Sadie Powers and Bonnie Jones, sym. is a dynamic movement and live experimental sound / visual art experience inspired by the esteemed African-
American science fiction writer Octavia Butler. Digging into a recurring theme of symbiosis in Octavia’s work, sym. explores a relationship between two organisms where each relies equally on the other. Inspired by Octavia’s last novel “Fledging.”

OCTAVIA creates a world colored by MacArthur genius grant recipient Octavia
Butler’s storytelling sensibilities and an interpretation of her life. This work is inspired by a collection of Butler’s writing adventures such as her novel “Adulthood Rites,” where humans and extraterrestrials live together experiencing mystical other-worldly situations and “Kindred,” where a 20th century black woman travels back in time to slavery.

...on being...
...on being...expands the perceived boundaries of the African Diaspora, broadens the conversation about race and blackness, and connects viewers to a lively national discussion. Using Touré’s “Who’s Afraid of Post Blackness?” and “How to be Black” by Baratunde Thurston as catalysts,...on being...challenges audiences to consider a sensitive topic prominent in current events.

ABBEY : in the red
ABBEY: In the Red investigates and celebrates the music of Jazz vocalist /
composer Abbey Lincoln and her partner, Jazz Percussionist Max Roach, while
also examining her life and times. Sound designer/producer Soy Sos brings together an ensemble of woodwinds, strings and electronics featuring vocalist Anqwenique Wingfield to re-imagine the music of Abbey Lincoln. Integrated into this immersive musical experience is a moving, contemporary dance performance by STAYCEE PEARL dance project created to actively express the evolution of culture through the performing arts.

Residency Activities

  • Aesthetic training workshops for youth grades 1 - 12, based on conceptual resource materials
  • Lecture-Demonstrations
  • Beginning/Intermediate - Intermediate /Advanced contemporary dance workshops for pre and professional dancers
  • Dance Workshop with live electronic accompaniment
  • Sound design for dance workshop (for sound, music & dance students)
  • Collaborative partnership class/lecture/round table (what we do and how we do it)
  • DJ set for afterparty or cocktail party (dancing or ambience)


"Stage productions with great pedigrees don’t always turn out great. But ABBEY: In The Red did. This world-premiere dance work with live music gorgeously evoked the life and music of its inspiration, jazz singer Abbey Lincoln."  -Bill O’Driscoll, Pittsburgh City Paper; ABBEY: In the Red

"It was as if the movement were unfolding with an effortless and harmonious intent, buoyed along by Herman Pearl’s mesmerizing soundscape." - Jane Vranish, Pittsburgh Post Gazette;...on being...

"The Pearls have two of the more fertile imaginations in the Pittsburgh artistic community." - Jane Vranish, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Octavia